The Paper Machete

Here are links to pieces I’ve performed in The Paper Machete, a weekly “live magazine” that I help co-produce in Lincoln Square, Chicago. Every week, journalists, comedians and other storytellers take the mic in the back of Ricochet’s bar to speak about “current events, pop culture and American manners.” It’s a salon in a saloon. I also created our web site & podcast, so check those out.

01/15/2011 – An interview with my mother about attending MLK’s March on Washington

10/09/2010 – On John Lennon’s 70th Birthday

08/14/2010 – New York Proximity and the “Ground Zero Mosque” (Text here)

07/03/2010 – Daley at the Bat (on the gun ordinance)

03/13/2010 – A Pap Test Shopping Guide

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