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Here’s the full list of everything I’ve written for, the women’s city guide co-founded by my friends Jessica Zweig and Erica Bethe Levin.  I write interviews, previews and reviews and other observations.   My interview series for Cheeky is called “Cheeky Gets Nosy.”   Some of these pieces contain video, as noted.  Because the list is getting lengthy, I’ve put some favorites in bold. By “favorite” I don’t mean the subject matter so much as what might be the best reads…


03/09/2010 Cheeky Gets Nosy with GJDC’s Maeghan McHale

03/09/2010 6 Reasons Kathryn Bigelow’s Win is the Bomb

02/23/2010 Killer Joe

02/23/2010 Patti and Mandy!

02/16/2010 Valentine’s Day

02/09/2010 Cheeky Gets Nosy with Dancer Monique Haley

02/02/2010 Dude. Chicks Love Lost.

01/26/2010 Barrel of Monkeys Presents Monkey-O-Kee

01/26/2010 Midwest Independent Film Festival: 2010 Kick-Off

01/19/2010 Second City Steps up for Haiti

01/19/2010 Top 5 Cheekiest Golden Globes Moments

01/12/2010 The 24 Hour Project

01/12/2010 SketchFest 2010

01/05/2010 Cheeky Gets Nosy with Dominizuelan

12/29/2009 Chicago SketchFest Preview

12/22/2009 Ring in 2010 with Live Theatre

12/08/2009 Up in the Air

12/01/2009 Your Guide to Holiday Theatre, Part 1

11/24/2009 Cheeky Gets Nosy with Ashley Greene

11/17/2009 River North Chicago Dance Company

11/10/2009 Fedra: Queen of Haiti

11/03/2009 This Is It

10/27/2009 Giordano: Move!

10/20/2009 We Live in Public

10/13/2009 Death of a Salesman

10/13/2009 Cheeky Gets Nosy With Michael Showalter

09/29/2009 Mélanie Laurent: A Cheeky Chick You Should Know

09/29/2009 Salem! The Musical (Preview)

09/22/2009 Faustus is Back

09/15/2009 Freaky Drama

09/08/2009  Animal Crackers to Open at the Goodman

09/01/2009 Cheeky Gets Nosy with Aemilia Scott

08/25/2009 Cheeky Gets Nosy With the Union

08/18/2009 Big Lebowski Burlesque

07/28/2009 Storytown

07/21/2009 El Grito del Bronx

07/14/2009 Cheeky Gets Nosy With Liza Fernandez

07/07/2009 500 Clown and the Elephant Deal

06/23/2009 Piven Theatre Workshop Fundraiser at Rockit

06/09/2009 Theatre on the Lake

06/02/2009 Movies in the Park

05/05/2009 Inside the Liberating World of Burlesque (Interview)

04/14/2009 The Met Live in HD

04/21/2009 Cheeky Gets Nosy with Emily Schwartz (Interview)

04/07/2009 Felt (Interview with IO improv team)

03/31/2009 Evita

03/17/2009 Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago

03/10/2009 Into the Woods

02/17/2009 Chasing Dumb

12/16/2008 Comedy Sure Beats the Blues (holiday round-up)



10/30/2009 Cheeky Gets Vamped [VIDEO]

09/18/2009 The Cheeky-tini Contest Charity Event

07/24/2009 ñ

06/26/2009 SushiSamba’s New Wednesdays [DJ Interview]

05/22/2009 The Modern Wing

05/01/2009 Lincoln Square Atmosphere

04/10/2009 Greg Dandino of The Burlington (Interview)

04/03/2009 Carnaval (Collaboraction fundraising event)

01/09/2009 Neo



05/06/2009 What Moms Want

04/08/2009 How I Found Stress Relief in a Parking Ticket



06/25/2009 Ha Ha Tonka

02/26/2009 Cheeky Gets Nosy: An Interview with Rebecca Rego of Rego

10/23/2008 Beck at the Aragon



12/14/2009 Cheeky Wines & Dines with Top Chef [VIDEO]

09/14/2009 Cheeky Gets Nosy with a Top Chef